Bathroom& Shower Cleaning

Bathroom areas can be cleaned with natural products to avoid chemicals and save you money on otherwise commercial products. Mirrors and tiles can look brand new again with a combination of water and vinegar wiped off with newspaper or old rags. The same solution can remove soap scum from your shower. A baking soda and water paste is a good abrasive for tougher grime.

Grout & Stains

Using a grout brush or an old toothbrush and bleach scrubbing stained areas and then rinsing can bring grout back to original colour.

Shower & Doors

Paste of white vinegar (distilled) and baking soda applied to shower doors and left to sit for an hour to remove stubborn scum and stains. Clean off with cloth.


Pouring coke into your toilet, wait about one hour and then flush or use full strength vinegar.

For older stains get a sheet of wet/dry sandpaper, the finest grit they have, first clean as usual and then gently sand the areas with toughened stains.


Vinegar and warm water makes for an effective window and mirror cleaner, wiped down with a piece of newspaper.

As vinegar doesn't sud up though, Palmolive can be used as an alternative with a squeegee.

Our Services

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